Presidio Neighborhood Mental Map Project


Presidio Neighborhood Mental Map Project

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In the twelve years I have worked at SBTHP I have traversed this neighborhood countless times. When I picture the neighborhood, I think of my trails through and around it. As you'll see from the map, some of my trails are through legal pedestrian…

I've drawn what I consider to be the heart of the Presidio neighborhood, the area around the intersection of East Canon Perdido & Santa Barbara Streets.

It is a collection of images I think of when I look back on my time with the Presidio. There is my school, the entrance to Mike's office, the adobe kiln, gardening, a hummingbird (I always see them around here), a straw hat, etc.

This is a geographical map of the Presidio neighborhood in the present. There are several museums, a state historic park, and many historic sites. My map reflects the present businesses/residences that are established in this area. I wished to…

I feel like the intersection of Canon Perdido and Santa Barbara Streets has been the center of my universe for the entire 1.5 years I have lived in Santa Barbara. I came here to be the Presidio Research Center Librarian so this place has been the…

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