Selections from the Delfina de la Guerra papers

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Selections from the Delfina de la Guerra papers


Selected items from the personal papers of Delfina de la Guerra, the last member of the de la Guerra family to reside in the Casa de la Guerra. This collection consists of photographs, letters, clippings, and pressed flowers.

About Delfina de la Guerra:
Delfina de la Guerra was born on March 21, 1861 and died April 25, 1953. She was the daughter of Pablo Antonio de la Guerra and Josefa Moreno y Castro. She was the sister of María Francisca Antonia (Francisca), Carlos Pablo, María Paulina (Paulina, died the year Delfina was born), Ana María Elena (Elena, died when Delfina was five), Herminia Andrea, and Ynez (no birth or death date given), as well as two siblings that died before Delfina was born (including her twin brother). It is not known how Delfina supported herself, her family fortunes having dwindled and wage-earning men deceased by the time she came of age. She did volunteer as a translator/interpreter at the East Side Social Center, where her sister Herminia was a social worker (Pubols). Various sources mention that Delfina gave Spanish lessons to Irene Hoffmann, wife of Bernhard Hoffmann, and this is how the relationship formed that eventually led to the restoration of the Casa de la Guerra and development of El Paseo commercial complex (PPA/Donaldson).

About this collection:
The Delfina de la Guerra papers contain letters and postcards to creator, scrapbook, loose newspaper clippings, keepsake pressed flowers attached to paper and the leather folder in which they were previously housed, an inscribed book of genealogy, photographic prints and photographic negatives, a notepad, and a printing block depicting the Casa de la Guerra. Clippings consist of mostly obituaries and society announcements concerning the De La Guerras and their relatives, as well as Santa Barbara news. Many of the clippings in the scrapbook are poetry in English and Spanish. The letters are very romantic and written in Spanish. The pressed flowers include information written on their attached papers about where they were procured, the significance of the site, and the date. The photographs are mostly portraits of unidentified people, probably family members.

Collection Items

Leather journal of the Santa Barbara Mission
This is a carved leather journal depicting the Santa Barbara Mission.

Red Journal "Delfina", [1940?]
This is a red leather journal with the Delfina's name stamped on the front.

The first page of the front of the journal features a profile of a man. The first page reads " la Guerra - Mar 21"

The first page of the back cover reads…

Scrapbook of Delfina de la Guerra, 1871-1918
This scrapbook contains mostly newspaper clippings collected by Delfina. Clippings date from 1871-1918. Two sample pages of the scrapbook are included. There are fourteen other pages of the scrapbook that include clippings.

Copper plate printing block of Casa de la Guerra
This is a relief printing block [linocut?] depicting the Casa de la Guerra. It is mounted on a wooden block and features the image in reverse.

Letter from Arturo to Delfina, May 10, 1894
This is a letter from Arturo to Delfina. He wrote letters to her from March to June, 1894.

Poem from Arturo to Delfina, June 1894
This is a poem written from Arturo to Delfina in June, 1894.
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