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Brief sketch of the layout. Effort to recognize the people who made it happen.

"The basic buildings that I interact with, and have been involved with for more than 35 years."

Bill noted that he has often photographed the Presidio and Casa de la Guerra, and often rides his bike around the neighborhood for photography work and…

"This is the Presidio neighborhood circa 1820."

Bob ran an archaeology field school at the Presidio for several years. He is an expert on early California archaeology.

My map points out the little things I notice each day that I work in the Presidio Neighborhood that makes this area unique and magical.

A simple map of the Presidio boundaries with buildings.

I often wonder how cities and civilizations grow and die. I know my impressions are influenced by both where I live now and where I have lived in the past. It has been almost ten years since I left my home town Oxnard, a place that I compare to…

Just as today, several downtown locations acted as hubs of Fiesta activities. From Casa de la Guerra to the Santa Barbara Courthouse, residents and visitors alike donned Spanish costumes of the finest fabrics.