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This is a red leather journal with the Delfina's name stamped on the front.

The first page of the front of the journal features a profile of a man. The first page reads " la Guerra - Mar 21"

The first page of the back cover reads…

This scrapbook contains mostly newspaper clippings collected by Delfina. Clippings date from 1871-1918. Two sample pages of the scrapbook are included. There are fourteen other pages of the scrapbook that include clippings.

This is a relief printing block [linocut?] depicting the Casa de la Guerra. It is mounted on a wooden block and features the image in reverse.

This is a letter from Arturo to Delfina. He wrote letters to her from March to June, 1894.

This is a poem written from Arturo to Delfina in June, 1894.