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This is just the eastern portion of the Presidio District.

A simple map of the Presidio boundaries with buildings.

Brief sketch of the layout. Effort to recognize the people who made it happen.

These are things I saw, and some questions that amused me as I walked to the Research Center each morning. It was very pleasant!

Bring the past into the future with the help of the Trust. My family history coming to life before my eyes!

A very literal map of the area, indicating a couple of major items (Carlos, Zorro) which achieved notoriety.

The presidio neighborhood through the ages.

Presidio Neighborhood is a busy corridor where the past meets the present in daily life in Santa Barbara. This map depicts the Presidio, 3 pickles, the shop, and up to Panino and an attempt at including vehicles and cars, but unfortunately omitting…

The color of the Casa de la Guerra is the courtyard; people visiting, shopping in the store, preparing the meals.

I understand maps - at least of places I’m more familiar with - as layers of experiences spatially oriented. This one is not a literal representation (because I’m not a city planner or an architect or a realist artist). Think of it as a really…