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2. Lugo Adobe Watermarked1.jpg
This picturesque adobe is set back from East De la Guerra Street and is a part of the Meridian Studios complex developed by Bernhard Hoffmann in 1923-25. The adobe was constructed for a Presidio soldier, possibly around 1830. Mr. and Mrs. Hoffmann…

5. De La Guerra Adobe Watermarked.jpg
Constructed between 1818 and 1828 for the fifth comandante of the Santa Barbara Presidio, José de la Guerra, this "adobe mansion" was a center of the early community's political and social life. The house remained in the family for over one hundred…

6. Canedo Adobe Watermarked.jpg
Originally constructed as one of the residences for non-commissioned officers in the Presidio, this adobe was granted to José Maria Cañedo during the Mexican period. The Pedro Baron family owned the property for many years, living in the adobe and…

1. Felix-Goux Adobe Watermarked.jpg
This three-room residence was built in the early nineteenth century. In 1853, Maria Antonio Feliz owned the property; Jules Goux, a native of France, acquired it in the 1870s. The adobe was demolished in 1955 and replaced by a parking lot.

Cropped for OMEKA.jpg
Photo taken behind the Presidio Chapel at the 2012 Annual meeting of the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation.

Helen Wong and Karen Anderson by Juliet Betita (10).JPG
Helen Wong, shown here with SBTHP Education Director Karen Anderson

Helen Wong Mental Map Compressed.jpg
"The Presidio neighborhood used to be Chinatown for me!"

calderon mental map compressed.jpg
"Seeing what the Presidio was in 1943 to what it is now is amazing!"

This mental map was drawn by Juan's young granddaughter, Celina Ramos, based on his description of the Presidio neighborhood circa 1943.

Canedo Adobe.jpg
Emilio Tabacci came to Santa Barbara in 1926 after immigrating to the US with his Swiss-Italian parents. His family owned a bakery on the 100 block of East Canon Perdido Street, near the site of what is now Jimmy' Oriental Gardens. He spent much of…

Figure 1.jpg
A graduate in civil engineering from UC Berkeley, Norman Caldwell went on to earn his Master’s Degree at Cal Tech and joined the US Army Corps of Engineers following America’s entrance into World War II. Shortly after his service, he enlisted in the…

Julia Forbes002.jpg
The above is an interview between two longtime Santa Barbara residents Julia Forbes and Louise Ardohain. Born in Pasadena, Julia Forbes moved to Santa Barbara as a five year old in 1919. She graduated from Santa Barbara High School in 1931 and went…
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