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After completing his map, Tim discussed how some of his most vivid memories of the Presidio include sun-dried adobe brick spread out across the parade grounds.

The Chapel and forecourt are the focus.

"The basic buildings that I interact with, and have been involved with for more than 35 years."

Bill noted that he has often photographed the Presidio and Casa de la Guerra, and often rides his bike around the neighborhood for photography work and…

"This is the Presidio neighborhood circa 1820."

Bob ran an archaeology field school at the Presidio for several years. He is an expert on early California archaeology.

"A multicultural neighborhood that featured layers of ethnic history: indigenous, Spanish, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese…"

Sal grew up in downtown Santa Barbara and drew his map from the perspective of his younger self.

This is an indication of the important city landmarks in the area, the visible Presidio, and some important persons such as designers. Colors are: purple for streets, green for historic buildings, and orange for the Presidio, old and reconstructed.

This is just the eastern portion of the Presidio District.

A simple map of the Presidio boundaries with buildings.

Brief sketch of the layout. Effort to recognize the people who made it happen.

These are things I saw, and some questions that amused me as I walked to the Research Center each morning. It was very pleasant!