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Bob Hoover remembers


Bob Hoover
SBTHP board member and professor emeritus, department of archaeology, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo




August 29, 2012

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At Home in the Pico:
During the years of my archaeological field school at the Presidio, I stayed in a tent at El Capitan State Beach, the "Scholar's Quarters," and the Pico Adobe. The Pico was absolutely the best! It had a stove that was identical to the make/model of the one in my student apartment. I could see the stars at night through the shingles of the old roof-- a very romantic effect when combined with Spanish guitar music, or Fiesta sounds from the Plaza. It was pure luxury to have a warm shower each night without putting quarters in a machine for 3 minutes of water! I even sat around and collected peaches from the former tree in the garden. What a place! Even my wife and dog loved it.

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