Mental Map- Richard Rojas


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Mental Map- Richard Rojas


As you may know, I was the Channel Coast District Superintendent for CA State Parks from August 2000 until December 2006, before retiring from State service in 2007. During my tenure as District Superintendent, my focus in working with the SBTHP was pretty simple. Protect the State’s investment of historic sites and properties under its stewardship (with emphasis on acquisitions), improve the visitor experience at El Presidio by initiating work towards a new park Interpretive Plan, assist SBTHP staff with improving visitor first impressions (of sites, property and interpretive signs & displays), encourage SBTHP staff to increase programs involving children in K-12 grades, especially programs involving at-risk children and lastly; build a new completely accessible public restroom. I discovered that my cousin’s 12-year old son with M.S. was unable to use the old park restroom during a visit to El Presidio during a family outing and I knew it was my responsibility to improve accessibility – so we did. Finally, a year before I retired, I made it a personal goal to secure executive approval for changing what was designed to be a 10-year operating agreement between CA State Parks and the SBTHP for El Presidio to a 20-year agreement – and we did it!

Mental Map Legend:

Brown= Properties owned by CA State Parks as part of El Presidio de Santa Barbara SHP.

Red & Gold= Jimmy’s Oriental Garden, site of Asian American Presidio neighborhood.

Burgundy = Properties within the historic footprint of El Presidio worthy of future acquisition from willing sellers.

Park Ranger in the street= A reminder that El Presidio belongs to the people of California for the enjoyment by all.

Smiling face on restroom= Just an image of Mikey, my cousin’s son smiling down from heaven!


Richard Rojas
SBTHP Board Member and former Chanel Coast District Superindendant for California State Parks




November 29, 2012


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Richard Rojas SBTHP Board Member and former Chanel Coast District Superindendant for California State Parks, “Mental Map- Richard Rojas,” Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation: Collections Online , accessed June 21, 2018,

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