Nuey and Tommy Chung Oral History

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Nuey and Tommy Chung Oral History


Jimmy's Oriental Gardens owner Tommy Chung and his mother Nuey Chung, are interviewed by local photographer Walter C. Douglas during a busy day at the restaurant.

Clip 1: Tommy Chung explains why the Chung family switched their last name from Yee to Chung

Clip 2: Tommy discusses his grandfather’s job as a chef for the Arlington as well as his suspicion of Western medicine.

Clip 3: Nuey, as Tommy translates for her, reveals what she thought of Santa Barbara when she first arrived.

Clip 4: Tommy describes the bar that his father owned on State St. before he opened Jimmy’s Oriental Gardens, which sold chili beans for fifteen cents.

Clip 5: Nuey and Tommy recount how Nuey’s dislike of the fog as well as the urgings of Mr. Whittaker prompted Jimmy to move his restaurant from the beach to Canon Perdido St.


September 18, 1996



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Walter C. Douglas


Nuey Chung and Tommy Chung


Jimmy's Oriental Gardens


1 hr, 10 min

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