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Evelyn Foxen Oral History


Evelyn Rose Foxen was a descendent of Benjamin Foxen of Rancho Tinaquaic. She grew on the property of the Maria Romero Lopez adobe, one of Santa Barbara's oldest homes built in 1855. Her grandfather, Salvador Foxen, raised her while her parents, Robert Foxen and Marjorie West, traveled around the state as well-known musicians. Evelyn recalls a happy childhood while growing up in Santa Barbara. After a brief move south as an adult, she moved back to her beloved home and began raising her family. During WWII she was a regular "Rosie the Riveter", and landed a job as supervisor of the microwave division at Raytheon in Goleta.
Evelyn is able to share priceless stories of what Santa Barbara was like in the 20's and all the way up through the war.

Photo Caption: A young Evelyn Rose Foxen

Clip 1: Robert (Bob) Foxen had a successful musical career playing the trumpet for a variety of popular bands and singers. Evelyn had the privilege of traveling with some of the bands at a very young age and even got to appear at a famous venue her father played at.

Clip 2: During the majority of Evelyn's youth in Santa Barbara she was raised by her grandfather, Salvador Foxen. She recalls following Salvador to big estates on his gardening jobs.

Clip 3: Surprise Audience: Evelyn and her friend used to practice dancing in private on the stage where Fiesta performances are held at the Courthouse. She remembers one day though when they had an unexpected audience.

Clip 4: Evelyn recalls happy times while visiting San Marcos Pass as a child.

Clip 5: Drawstring Underwear: Santa Barbara was a different time during WWII. Evelyn describes the hardships she endured during this period.

Clip 6: Evelyn talks about meeting Leo Carrillo, a popular actor and conservationist who visited Santa Barbara each year to appear in the Fiesta parade.



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